Speccy 1.25 32 Bit Update free download torrent

Speccy 1.25 Speccy 1.25 32 Bit Update free download torrent

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If we ask you about your features, most of you will be able to call the processor, and perhaps how much RAM memory and its hard capabilities. But what about the others? Specci provides a detailed analysis of your system information.

With Specca you can now have very detailed statistics aboutyour computer that does not just cover the basics like RAM and memory, but also hard, graphics cards, motherboards, optical drives, operating systems. You can see information about a beautifully designed interface and save the image for a later reference.

You may believe this oneinformation only applies to computer programs, network administrators, and other types of technical users, but in fact it can be useful for everyone. Specci allows you to check your RAM configuration before purchasing more modules or to create a short list if you want to sellyour computer, to provide some examples.

Basic data shown by Specci are also available in certain areas of the Windows system, but Specci makes it easy for you to collect everything under one interface and also provide more information.

Specci is still under beta developmentand there are no additional features that can be found on similar equipment. Other: ability to export to different formats, performance tests, set of installed software, and so on. But as a program from CCleaner programmers, Recuva and Defraggler are the same, we can hardly wait to improve!

Specci is simplea system analyzer that displays detailed information about the configuration and technical characteristics of your computer.


The operating system type (Desktop, Laptop) has been added to the operating system.

Find the updated CPU for the latest Intel Core i7 model.

Better compatibility withLGA 2011 motherboard.

External driving information is added to the equipment.

Find partnerships and discover better for the printer.

Better take care of the exceptions.

Help Additional languages ​​for Kurdish.

Sure and small decisions.

Speccy 1.25
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