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Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft Office 2016 32bit Torrent Download

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Release tips

– Language: angielski (BG-US)

Channel: Volume License

– version:

– architecture: x86 / x64

– Tools for auditing: English, French, Spanish

– Posted on June 14, 2016

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updates Security: KB3115144, KB3114862, KB3115041, KB3115182

Normal firewall (modifiedlittle and effective OCT – OfficeTool)

– Luke EULA

– Quick Instructions – For default, the 2016 Office takes all the quick launch orders without the sub-column on the original list.

Setup files including configuration settings set 2016 Offices Shortcuts at Microsoft Office 2016 Office and Office Office Equipment at the bottom of the Equipment.

– Settings settings – all settings and features will be set to default, except for Skype for Business * (Office2016 ProPlus) and Telemetry ** Office (Office 2016komplekti / Application) – of course you can change all configuration options as you wish.

* Skype for Business (why not set it and do not think to close it) as “optional update” from Microsoft Update)

Of course, the default configuration will set Skype for Business, no matter whether the computer is ready or not.

If you decide to install Skype for Business and Office settings will be launched by a Skype starter wizard that lets you start Skype whileWindows begin to setup the SkypeCommerced Bing and MSN phone as homepage then invites you to enter.

This is where confusion begins. What account do I use? If you choose the Skype name and use existing (personal / home), you can not activate your computer using two credentials: Skype for your Personal and Skype account for Business for your work account. If you are selecting a Microsoft account, you will create a new Live ID and your job email address – which you may want toto do.

Telemetry Office (you want to share your data)

The Telematic Panel displays the names of the file and the name of the document in any recent user list that can disclose personal or confidential information about you or your organization. You will find names and titlesSolution used by the Office.

The telemetry tool collects inventory, usage, and other data usage and sends them into a shared folder where it is used by a service known as telemetry software and database.of the SQL of vmakvav. Interface Telematic Interface connects this database to show use of Office files, additions, and solutions.

Folder folder

– KMSpico + Toolkit from Microsoft BETA 5 (Operators)

– BitMenu Customizer (adds toolbarsna Office Office 2003 for Office 2016) – free of personal use

– Remove original versions (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Turn off / Reset Log in to Office programs (reg file)

– Preventing / Restoring Telemetry Office2016 (registration file)

source files



Compatibility with original versions

Microsoft has removed the release of the office and release office for release 2016.

Closing Search I will remove the original version and not allow old features. Existing versions of Outlook 2013/2010 and 2016 release.

In other words, do not dismiss the Office.

You can use Microsoft FixIt Tools to delete manually / remove / remove the original versions of the Office (included in the Bonus folder).

It shouldeliminate all Office effects from the system.

Office Microsfot Office 2016 Volume Edition Update

Unlike Click2Run, VolumeToleo does not provide a page update via the Account page (account-account – updates).

Receiving the 2016 VL Office updates, enable “Find more product information from Microsoft Update” feature on the Windows Update site.

System requirements

– 64-bit version is only used for 64-bit systems

– Operating system: Windows 10 SP1 + Windows 10 server, server2012R2/ 2012/2008 R2

– NET version: requires .NET. Some features may require installationNET or CLR


– Remove all previous versions installed using dezinstalatorów (Bonus folder) and restart if necessary.

– Set / Know / Take a ISO file

– Install features of the Office

– Activate with KMSpico / Microsoft Toolkit BETA 5 after installation of all products

– Disable / Restore the 2016 Telemetry office – merge the reg file “Turn off / restore the 2016 Telemetry office” (started to be usedsledrestartiranen device)

– disable / restore log in office apps – connect log log “Lock / Log In” (stays valid after restart)

– Install the CustomMenu Customizer (optional)

Microsoft Office 2016
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